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1. Smart agriculture and implementation of sensors

Sensor technology for measuring parameters in the soil

How to Use our Analog Moisture Meter (Tensiometer)

Tensiometers for corn crops

Installing Soil Moisture Sensors in the Field

Toprak Tansiyometresi Kullanımı

Digital meteorological station

Toprak Tansiyometresi Kullanımı

Installing the weather station and the sensors

What is an automatic weather station and how does it work?

AgTech in Action: Weather stations are helping macadamia farmers manage farming practices

2. Aerial imagery

Use of drones in agricultural production

DJI Agras T30 - Drone Field Spraying - Agricultural Spraying Aksaray Gülağaç

Fertilizer Application using DRONE

From Drone To Tractor – How Using A Precision Farming UAV Can Improve Crop Management

3. Precision agriculture

4. Robots in agriculture

Autonomous Robot / Farming Robots

Demonstration materials

5. Variable Rate Fertilizer

Precision Seeding

6. Yield mapping

Using Yield Mapping for Planning

Yield Mapping Explained

7. Models for calculating evapotranspiration

Assembly and Placement of an Evapotranspiration Gauge