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This learning framework represents the first stage of the development of the learning material for the project “TOOLS FOR DIGITAL AND SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE - SMART AGRI EXPERT”. The developed learning material will complement the skills and knowledge of agricultural experts related to chemical and bio-fertilization, IT technologies (e.g. precision farming) and circular economy.


Get new knowledge and gain skills.

New oportunities

Pass the test and get certificate.


The framework places a strong emphasis on using a consistent design process for professional learning initiatives and experiences so that the key stakeholders in all contexts (state, region, district, and classroom) may access a methodical approach that can be tracked and evaluated. The outcomes will help stakeholders in education in identifying professional learning models that are most effective in enhancing educational procedures and practices, and consequently, the results of target group’s achievement.

This deliverable presents all 4 aspects of the learning structure and their main objectives. Each learning structure focuses on a specific issue and a result for that issues, new technology and how to use it and latest information on a specific topic.

Competencies (that you can gain from the developed content) and methodologies (suggested to be used) are a part of the document. The type of methodology suggested is Backward Design Methodology, with an explanation of learning goals, outcomes and assessments derived from the learning topics.